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#411 Limestone - Compactable Base, Medum size
#411 Limestone - Compactable Base, Medum size
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Details: #411 Limestone - Base Material (46D, 1” to fines, compactable, base for pavers)

This material is made from natural limestone. It's crushed and processed for a somewhat consistent size of material. This size of this material will be 1" pieces down to fine dust particles. This is finer in texture than 304 limestone and has more screenings in the mix.

This product a nice workable material while building paver patios, retaining walls, stone walks, artificial turf, and anywhere that a compactable base material is needed. Typically used for the fine or finish grade when installing a base. Makes a great top layer if building a deep base with 304 or recycled concrete materials.

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