Delivery FAQ's

Delivery FAQ's

Q. - When will my delivery happen?
A. - Most deliveries can be completed within 24 hours of your order. (Except Sundays or holidays) If you specified a day then we will deliver the product sometime that day. Our delivery schedule is very accurate. You can call our office with any questions.

Q. - Must I be home?
A. - No, since we have already collected and confirmed your order you do not have to be home at the time of delivery. *Note that bulk items delivered may block entrance to your driveway or garage. Our driver will control unloading of these products as best they can but some spillage onto lawn or landscape may happen if there is not room on the drive for the entire load.

Q. - Is there someone I can reach on the phone if I have questions or concerns about my order?
A. - Yes, we have office staff to assist you with any of your needs. Just call 614-893-5049. You may also email us at

Q. - Is there a minimum required for delivery?
A. - There is no minimum delivery amount for any product! Our most common mulch delivery is between is 6-10 cubic yards but needs differ greatly.

Q. - What is the delivery charge if I order more than one product?
A. - There will be one delivery charge for each type of bulk product ordered.
( Example: 2 yards BULK soil and 4 yards BULK mulch ordered would be charged 2 delivery fees.)
Some products may be delivered together without mixing or an additional delivery fee. (Example: 1 yard of topsoil and 5 bags of mulch or 4 yards of mulch, 1 bag off grass seed, and one bag of fertilizer or Grass Seed.)

Q. - Can I split a delivery with my neighbor?
A. - Yes! As long a your houses are not more than a couple addresses apart, we will not charge you for dumping two piles. Keep in mind that the split load in this instance will have to be estimated by the driver and may not be an exact split. It may not be possible to precisely control the amount unloaded from the truck at each spot.

Q. - Must I be home?
A. - No, we can deliver to your house if you're not home, just provide us detailed instructions if there are special circumstances.

Q. - Can you dump the product in my lawn, or behind my house.
A. - No, We can only access the driveway or paved surfaces with our trucks. We are VERY cautious, and do not want any possibility of damage to your lawn or property. We will also be on the look-out for low hanging wires or other obstacles that could impede our dumping.