Conditions of Use

Conditions of Delivery and Acceptance

I understand that the delivery will be made as close to the requested day as possible considering the weather and schedule of Mulch Store but the date is not guaranteed.

I understand that the delivery zone entered will be reviewed and possibly changes by the staff upon order processing.

I accept the fact that an exact delivery time cannot be provided & I realize that the delivery will not be completed until payment in full has been made.

I know that Mulch Store must deliver the product on my property and I'm willing to accept the risk involved with having heavy trucks and/or equipment on my property. I understand that there is a slight risk of this equipment / truck causing damage to my driveway, grass, concrete, sidewalk or asphalt and I accept this as a condition of the delivery. I will relieve the Mulch Rite delivery service for and related damages that are not directly negligent such as the preceding. I accept all liability related to delivering the products to my requested location whether on or off property that I own.

I understand the fact that colored mulches should not be applied on rainy days or when rain is forecasted within 48 hrs. I understand that landscape products may cause marks, dirt or stains where placed will not hold Mulch Rite delivery service responsible.

I understand that the driver may not be able to place the product in my specified location and accept that in accordance of my order. I will claim all responsibility related to the product and delivery once it has been delivered.

I understand that I will be charged a trip charge equal to the delivery "zone rate" fee if the driver is unable to deliver the product upon arrival due to location, obstructions, or proper clearance.

I understand that there will be more than one delivery fees applied if there are more than one separate types of products ordered at the same time.

I assume full responsibility for the quantity ordered and will not hold the vendor responsible for in accuracies when (at a minimum) the correct amount of product is delivered.