Pro-Blend Soil
Pro-Blend Soil
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Processed topsoil enhanced with compost and sand. Pulverized, dual-blended and processed through 3/4" screen for uniformity. This soil allows strong root development, better moisture retention and microbial activity. It's is one-third organic matter, and the blend is extremely workable.

The big difference here is the sand in the mix. Sand resists clumping and compaction while keeping the topsoil workable. It's great for areas where you want added water penetration. The workability makes it easy to plant even a year after initial installation. It's a great choice for new landscapes, gardens, and topdressing lawns!

Although this is blended with some organic compost matter for general applications, you can order additional compost and we'll blend it with the soil before your delivery. This is sometimes recommended if you are planning a garden and want a extremely nutrient rich product!

We do not recommend installing or accepting delivery's of topsoil in heavy rain unless you are prepared to tarp the load upon arrival. We try to keep our soil dry so it's easily workable when you get it. Due of the nature of soil some slight clumping may occur.